#CYNOSURE'16 | Events
If you feel that twitch to play with hardware!

Hey Folks! Do you feel that twitch for playing with computer hardware? Do those dusty peripherals actually smell good to you? Well, here we are quenching your thirst!
We at Ordinateur bring to you one of the most clamourous events you would experience at a Tech Symposium - Montador. Get an opportunity to showcase your skills and enthusiasm of being a hardware man. Participants after clearing the will have to show off their harware handling skills to assemble a disintegrated Desktop system in minimum time interval. Once knowledge about various parts of a desktop system and about how they particularly function will be thoroughly tested. Basic hardware troubleshooting skills are must to get through.
  • Participation: Individuals
  • Eligibility: School and College students with valid identity cards. Cross college teams are allowed.
  • Prelims : Written Test
  • Finals : Assembling a disintegrated Desktop system
  • Use of internet and mobile devices/computers is strcitly prohibited.
  • Participants will be breifed with detailed rules during the event.
TIMINGS : Prelims at 10.30 AM OR 11.00 AM, 22 Jan 2016 (Two Batches)
VENUE : Hans Raj College (Room Number will be updated later)


Ronak | 9582408115
Pawan | 8586067210

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