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Wake up the Holmes in you!

Fellow bees! The hibernation is over. Shed your slough of magnanimous condescension and the bridled contumely of the ignorance that kept you from soaring so far. So Don your thinking hats. Turn into Sherlock Holmes. Because this event is anything but elementary. An event where you will have to rack your brains to decode the mystery and get your key to the prize. Gear up for a stimulating mental workout as Cynosure presents to you Cipherena. Participants will have to answer a series of questions to get the code cracking. The one who solves the mystery is the winner of course.
  • Participation: Teams of two
  • Eligibility: School and College students with valid identity cards. Cross college teams are allowed.
  • Prelims and Finals
  • Use of internet and mobile devices/computers is strcitly prohibited.
  • Participants will be breifed with detailed rules during the event.
TIMINGS : 10.30 AM, 22 Jan 2016
VENUE : Hans Raj College (Room Number will be updated later)


Nidhi Jadeja | 9911795902
Swati | 9873266823

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Hey late comer, registrations have been closed for this event.

Hey late comer, registrations have been closed for this event.