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Show the Web Developer in you!

Unleash the web artist in you by the most wonderful event of Cynosure 2016 - Webapocolypse.
Do you get engrossed in building a web page so much that you forget if you drank the cup of coffee in front of you or if it was initially empty? Is web designing your favourite past time? Then, we give you the platform to put your skill on test and enjoy the fulfilment of taking up this web development challenge.

Web Designing is what transforms an idea into a piece of art. One that you see and can show others as well. It's always fun to design. The best of them will build some breath taking websites here at Cynosure 2016, Hansraj College's annual tech fest. The clock's ticking, let the winter breeze not stop you from all the fun. Grab this opportunity get all your freedom to experiment and blow our minds. We have limited seats!

What to Present?
When submitting for the finals, keep in mind that your submission will be evaluated based on its content, the purpose, target audience, objectives, technical features, usability, special features and challenges regarding the web design. Above all your originality and the way you put it is what matters the most. To dig deeper go through our awarding criteria section.

Awarding Criteria
The best web design projects are considered for their overall experience through focus on aspects such as: content, structure and coding, navigation and user-flow, visual/graphic design, functionality, interactivity, and accessibility.
  • Participation: Individuals or Teams of two
  • Eligibility: School and Undergraduate College students with valid identity cards. Cross college teams are allowed.
  • Written prelims of 30 minutes.
  • 10 Teams will quality for the final round.
  • The final web development round will be theme based that would be disclosed at the time of the event.
  • Participants will have to create an original website, using HTML, CSS and JavaScript based on a theme selected by us.
  • Pictures and media will be provided by us according to the theme for you to choose from and experiment.
  • All code and ideas must be original to the student.
  • The code will be of User Interface only. No Back End is required for the website.
  • Participants will be provided 1 hour 30 minutes to design the website.
  • Result will be announced on the day of the competition
TIMINGS : 11.00 AM, 22 Jan 2016
VENUE : Hans Raj College (Room Number will be updated later)


Ashita | 9971388982
Purnima | 9582923453

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