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Technologically Challenged
Because what good is knowledge if you can’t show it off

It can be said that that the single most important reason for the evolution of human beings has been our curiosity. Our curiosity has shown us new things every single day and will continue to do so until the human race shall exist. Our indefatigable quest to know is what makes us who we are. Silicon Valley is fueled by this very quest. The curiosity of a few remarkable people has given us a utopia of innovation. A place where more people can quench their curiosity, or at least try to.

Inspired by this high octane propellant for innovation, Ordinateur presents Technologically Challenged, The Quiz. Because what good is knowledge if you can’t show it off.
  • Participation in teams of two. Interplanetary teams allowed. Intergalactic teams however, are prohibited.
  • Written preliminary round. Top five teams qualify for the on-stage final round. Like I said, earn it you must.
  • Registrations for the event are online. Teams registered onsite will be considered supporters of the dark side and will be at a disadvantage in the event of a tie. Because Yoda.
  • The preliminary round starts at 10am sharp. Late comers are most welcome but parents se note likhvaake aana. Also, you’ll have missed a bunch of questions. Be safe, come at 9:42am.
  • All clashes will be accommodated. If a steel box can multitask, so can we.
  • Use of the internet or books (LOL) is prohibited. You must use the force Luke.
  • Telling your neighbor the answer is allowed, after the quiz has ended.
  • All rulings by the quizmaster are final. That was obvious; “Master”.
TIMINGS : Prelims 10.00 AM 22 Jan 2015, Report by 9.42 AM
VENUE : College Auditorium, Hans Raj College


Piyush | 9873025957
Bhawna | 7531831870

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