#CYNOSURE'16 | Events
For all the coders in town!

With the marvelous success of iPhone 6 series, Apple is now working on iPhone 7.Talk about Microsoft, after the successful release of Windows 10, Microsoft is onto producing some awesome phones and Google, well we don't need to introduce you to the awesomeness of Google.There are definitely a lot more names to buzz about but we are really not talking about tech companies here, we are talking about their essential part that has led to their astonishing success- The Software. Yes, the software that make your calls possible, the one that makes SpaceX rocket launch possible and the one that makes Silicon Valley's success possible. Behind these software are people who are unheard of, who have sacrificed countless night sleep in order to make them work. We know them as programmers and coders.

In order to salute the spirit of programmers and coders, their thrust to find out the solution and their drive to make things work we call all the coders in town to participate in Code-A-Baton, a Coding competition to bring out the coder in you. So, fellow super humans mark 22nd January on your calendar as you surely don't wanna miss this one.

Happy Coding
  • Participation: Teams of two OR Individual (See separate forms below and fill the one that matches your preference)
  • Eligibility: School and College students with valid identity cards. Cross college teams are allowed.
  • Do note that Individual partcipiation although allowed is not adviced.
  • Code-A-Baton will consist of two rounds - Prelims and Finals.
  • Language : C++
  • IDEs/Compilers : Codeblocks/DevC++ with G++ Compiler
  • Top 10 teams in prelims qualify for finals.
  • Use of internet and mobile devices/computers is strcitly prohibited.
  • Participants will be briefed with detailed rules during the event.
TIMINGS : 11.00 AM OR 11.30 AM , 22 Jan 2016 Prelims (Two Batches for Prelims)
VENUE : Lab 4, CS Department, Ground Floor, Hans Raj College


Adnan | 9899089739
Swapnil | 8826825910

Follow the two step online registration process for an hassle free experience at Cynosure'16.
  1. Register yourself with complete details using the Main Registration Form to get your Cynosure'16 Unique ID. Remember, this won't get you registered for any competitive events.
  2. Now register for any number of competitive events* using the Cynosure'16 Unique ID. No more need to provide full details again.
Ludophilia events don't need any pre-registrations.
*Particpation in mulitple events is subjected to event schedule. All particpants are expected to abide by the schedule and no changes or delays will be made in the same for whatsoever reasons.

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