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The quest for thrill is as old as time itself. Ever since humans had the first rush of adrenaline, we have been hooked. Over time, our thrill seeking techniques have gotten more advanced.

Today we can climb the Alps, swim in the Amazon, and travel through time all from the comfort of our homes. Such is the beauty of gaming. Video games have opened up our world to brand new experiences every day. They possess the power to transform a dark bedroom into a dungeon in the 14th century. The immersive nature of video games holds a great power, the power to transport us into our own sanctum. And in that moment, the virtual world becomes our reality. Ordinateur presents ABXO-The Gaming Event Powered by Absentia. The most action packed Gaming Event ever. ABXO features LAN Gaming, Console Gaming and for the first time ever, Augmented Reality based gaming powered by Absentia. Thought you had seen it all? Think again. ABXO - Lets get real.

ABXO - Lets get real.
  • Participation: Individual
  • Eligibility: School and College students with valid identity cards. Cross college teams are allowed.
  • Prelims : Two rounds of LAN Gaming
  • Registration fee for
TIMINGS : 11.00 AM, 22 Jan 2016
VENUE : Hans Raj College (Room Number will be updated later)


Rohit | 9999168257
Abhishek | 9718922010

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